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Thursday, 25th Feb 2021

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Training conference on innovative teaching methods and enhancement to the quality of teaching and learning foreign languages

From December 26th, 2019 to December 27th, 2019, the department of education and training organized a training conference on innovating teaching and learning methods and improving the quality of teaching and learning foreign languages in order to achieve better national examination result. Attended the conference was Mr Nguyen Tan- Director of the department of education and training, leaders from Division of secondary education, the official of English, 110 leaders and core teachers of English from 39 upper-secondary schools in Thua Thien Hue province.


At the conference, in the opening speech, the director analysed and evaluated the result of commanding the teaching and learning foreign languages at high schools. Especially, the limitations on the quality of the national examination of foreign languages in common and English in particular were fully evaluated. The director asked the managing officials as well as teachers attending the conference to focus on discussing:“The roles of the managing board in teaching and learning foreign languages”; “Teachers innovate teaching methods to inspire and motivate students’ learning”; “Specific solutions to improve the quality of learning foreign languages for low- level students”.



With this spirit, basing on agreed ideas at the conference, schools are asked to organize meetings for teachers of foreign languages to:  


1. Check and rearrange the curriculum in a suitable way; group students according to their language level so as to hold suitable classes for each group.


2. Apply information technology to help change teaching methods, use teaching techniques to inspire and motivate students’ demand and raise students’ awareness of learning foreign languages.


3. Organize professional meetings for teachers of foreign languages at high schools to discuss lessons; promote class observations to find out the quality of teaching and learning foreign languages and reach suitable solutions.


4. Organize teaching and learning activities basing on the format of the national test; hold mock exams for students to take so that they can be familiar with the real one. 


5. Teachers have to build self-study plans about professional development to meet the requirements of the innovation of education and improve the national examination result.


6. Take advantage of current infrastructure to enhance the interaction between teachers and students, students and students to practise and develop language skills.


7. Create opportunites for students to use foreign languages to communicate inside and outside schools.

In two days of the conference, the organisers spent all of the time working on the following topics:


1. Skills in exploiting and applying tools, softwares and multi-media resources on the Internet to improve the effectiveness of teaching listening and speaking skills;


2. Techniques to ppare multiple choice tests  and editing a set of mock tests for grade 12 students;


3. Skills in working collaboratively via Internet environment.

Some images at the conference




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