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Wednesday, 26th Feb 2020

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Review of the prevention of 2019 nCoV by director of Thua Thien Hue department of education and training

In the morning of February 5, 2020, the Department of Education and Training of Thua Thien Hue organized two teams to check the prevention of respiratory disease of the new strain of Corona virus (nCoV) led by Mr. Nguyen Tan – Director and Mr. Dang Phuoc My – Deputy Director. The two teams directly checked the disease prevention in schools in Hue City, Huong Thuy Town and Phu Vang District.


The review has shown that most of the schools have properly followed the instructions by the Department of Education and Training to pvent the spading of 2019 nCoV. All schools, at all levels from Kindergarten to Secondary, allow students to have days off from February 4 to February 9, 2020 to carry out hygienic activities and epidemic pvention; make plans and have managers, teachers on duty 24/24; coordinate with local health authorities to provide training for all school administrators and health officers on disease pvention; have the staff and employees sterilize, clean the school environment and ppare such facilities as masks (from organizations and individuals), soaps, etc. in order to ensure the conditions of safety for students after their school returning;


The Director of the Department praised and acknowledged the responsibility and effort of the leaders of the Bureaus of Education and Training, administrators, teachers, and staff;


However, during the inspection, there were still some schools which did not meet the requirements of the pvention. Some school leaders were subjective and absent at the time of review. The school's hygiene and epidemic pvention did not receive adequate attention. The Director of the Department frankly commented and reminded the schools which had not yet carried out the disease pvention effectively. He assigned responsibilities to the leaders of Education and Training Bureaus to continue directing, monitoring and urging schools to well implement the pvention, ensuring safety for students, teachers and staff after schools open again.


Also through the inspection, Mr. Nguyen Tan – Director of the Department asked the Heads of Education and Training Bureaus of districts, towns and cities, the Principals of the secondary schools to spad and instruct parents how to manage their children during the time off school; strengthen the management of private tutoring, ensuring that no individuals or organizations maintain this activity. During the time of students’ absence, schools should make appropriate educational plan adjustments and make plans for compensatory teaching when teaching activities return to normal.


Previously, on February 3, 2020, the Department of Education and Training issued Official Letter No. 198/SGD & ĐT-VP on allowing students to have days off to pvent 2019 nCoV and Official Letter No. 201/SGD & ĐT-VP on implementing some contents during and after the time students are absent from school (from February 4 to February 9, 2020).













Nguyen Van Cuong