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An exchange of drawing pictures on computer for primary students in Thua Thien Hue province, school year 2020-2021

In order to help primary students in the province to exchange, learn, practise the skill of using computers and drawing skill with the software Microsoft Paint, on March 18th, 2021, at Thua Thien Hue Continuing Education Centre, the Department of Education and Training held an exchange of drawing pictures on computer for primary students, the closing and award presenting ceremony of which took place at 15h00 on the same day at the hall of the Department of Education and Training. This is an interesting and useful activity, an activity of both learning and playing, which helps students to perform their artistic creation freely with a modern means.


Mr. Dang Phuoc My - deputy director of the Department of Education and Training attended the exchange and encouraged participating students. It can be said that in order to draw a picture on computer, students must have both artistic creation and the skill of using the software MS Paint. The exchange is also a playing field for the students who are hard-working, and keen on art and creation, especially for those who are both good at drawing and skillful at using applications to create beautiful, unaffected, naïve and emotional pieces of drawing.


There were 112 primary students from districts, towns, and Hue city participating in the exchange. The organizers chose the topic “Green Sunday” and imposed some technical and artistically creative requirements with a view to educating the students in the awareness of protecting the environment, developing natural resources sustainably and coping with climate change; carrying out the project “Green Sunday” to achieve the target “Let’s act to make Thua Thien Hue greener, cleaner and brighter”, and to raise the students’ awareness and promote actions to protect the environment and build beautiful landscapes in their schools as well as in their communities.


At the end of the exchange, the organizers praised 112 participating students who gave great performances in the exchange. When evaluating the quality of drawings at the closing ceremony, Mr. Phan Van Hai - head of primary education bureau of the Department of Education and Training pointed out many of the students’ strengths like skillful use of the software; close and suitable layout expressing the content of the topic; the use of colours; bright, unaffected, supple brushwork. Many drawings showed the students’ artistic aptitude. On the contrary, some others were not close to the topic, didn’t express the topic clearly or were not drawn very well. However, each of the works in the exchange was respectful, proving a process of practice and efforts in learning, which needs to be encouraged, recognised and praised.








Tran Dai Phuc